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Our first priority is to keep you and your car safe.

We can provide a full range of services to repair and maintain the performance of your vehicle.

We can maintain your manufactureres warranty.

Is your car running well? So how about stoping?

Recommend checking every 6 months to ensure your safety.

Not enough cool or smells strange?

When: Every service. Why: Harmful gases are a health risk. fumes coming into the car.

When : When noticed Why : Scanning will tell us whether there is a serious problem or not.

When : At every service Why: So that vehicle does not have starting issues.

When : At service  Why : Rego requirements

When : At service  Why : Safety requirement

ECU(engine control unit) is electrical system that controls a vehicle transportation. There are a number of diff...

Excessive smoke from tailpipe, excessive oil consumption, knocking sounds, low oil pressure, etc.

When : Check at every service Why : Oil leaks onto the exhaust are a fire hazard

When : 40 - 60k Why:Transmission lubrication and oil pressure

When : Change coolant every 2 years. Why : To maintain engine temperature.

When : At service / Rego Why : Vehicle handling + braking ability

When : At service Why : Power steering may cease to work, Change fluid to save pump + steering rack wear

When : Every 6-10 years Why : A snapped belt will terminally damage engine

When : Every 5000kms / Every 6 months. Why : To extend engine life

When : Check at every service. Why : If the belt breaks, there will be no power steering? or charging of the b...

When : Test when replacing spark plugs Why : To avoid misfire after spark plug fitment

When: Check every service. Why: Vehicle handling + tyre wear

When : Test every 6 months at service Why : To maintain vehicle electronics

Problem Signs: impact noises, excessive vibrations, and engine movement

When : Every 2 years Why : To evacuate moisture from the brake fluid

Problem Signs: excessive vibration when driving, loud clicking noises when turning, grease on the inside edge of...

We can offer

  • Logbook servicing, maintenance and rego inspection
  • OEM parts with up to 20% discount for your car
  • We provide you with a free loaner car while you wait
  • Delivery of your vehicle if pick-up is not an option
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