Paint Protection

Ultimate shine to your car by high-technology car coating


Highest quality body Glass Coating

  • Protects your vehicles body by coating with the highest quality body glass coating
  • Protects against scratches caused by dust. Often scratches on cars are formed when driving the vehicle hitting dust and brake dust, glass coating will provide protection for your vehicle from those causes.

What is paint protection?

Paint protection builds a coating on top of painted surfaces, unlike conventional wax which is weak against heat and UV radiation which can cause deterioration from the sun and a vehicles engine heat, the wax will be effective for 2-3 months whereas paint protection can last longer as it adds a harder surface on top on the painted area. Paint protection will protect your vehicles paint against heat, UV radiation, acid rain, dust scratch and will be effective and much longer lasting.

Solid protection from Heat, Acid, UV

  • Long lasting effect
  • Reduced deterioration caused by engine or sun heat
  • Its a glass film which provides strong protection against acid rain and bird dropping
  • Protects from UV

Why choose Car Beauty Salon best body coating today?

  • We take pride in our experience and expertise. We provide consistent service on high-end vehicles including the likes of Ferrari, Maserati, and Bently.
  • We have spent more time testing different types of products, after experience and performing actual tests on site, we have come up with the best option.
  • Car beauty salon “BRILA” premium body coating offers a full body protection for all facets of cars and Immediate effects include:
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