Paint Protection

Premium Car Body Coating

Premium Car Body Coating

The ultimate shine to your car!

Paint protection builds a coating on top of painted surfaces, unlike conventional wax which is weak against heat and UV radiation which can cause deterioration from the sun and a vehicles engine heat, the wax will be effective for 2-3 months whereas paint protection can last longer as it adds a harder surface on top on the painted area. Paint protection will protect your vehicles paint against heat, UV radiation, acid rain, dust scratch and will be effective and much longer lasting.

Japanese Industrial Standard

BRILA Premium Coating systems uses 100% inorganic matter, ensures a 5 year manufactures warranty and passed JIS -D0205-1987, unlike any other company on the market. (Japanese Industrial Standard) a standard in which BRILA paint protection has been tried and tested.




The best quality muffler can prevent engine exhaustion.


Ultimate shine to your car by high-technology car coating.
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