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European Car Repair Experts

We are European car repair experts, with many years of experience providing excellent repairs and service to countless satisfied customers. We emphasise efficiency and competitive prices while never compromising on quality.


Brakes are an essential part of vehicle safety. We specialise in the technical diagnostics of brake issues as well as providing high-grade and cost effective repairs. Our team is particularly well-versed in the intricacies of European makes and models, but can assist with any vehicle.

Cooling System

There’s a lot of moving parts in your car’s cooling system, meaning there are a bunch of possibilities for problems. We can repair and replace components such as; Fan, Radiator, Fan/Drive Belt, Heater Core, Heater Tap, Radiator Cap, Radiator Hose, Serpentine Belt, and Water Pump.


The susupension system connects the frame of the car to the wheels. It contributes to the handling characteristics of the car and the confort of the passengers. Even after taking car supports several of years, eventually the shocks will wear out and sespention repair will be necessary.

Timing Belts

The timing belt is one major component that must be serviced on a regular basis. Under power, or at speed, a broken timing belt may cause irreparable damage to your engine. In addition to the belt, tensioners &water pump replacement may be recommended at this service.

Air Conditioning

A properly working A/C keeps you and everyone else in the vehicle comfortable all the way to your destination. Our technicians can assess interior climate control issues by using smart technology and are highly trained in A/C evaluation and recharge.

Body Works & Repairs

Our vehicle consultants will provide you with a thorough inspection and a fair and reasonable quote on the spot and can even organise a complimentary loan car for the duration of the service. Our attentiveness is second to none, we take all the fuss out of your hands. We can pick up your car for service and deliver it back to you upon the completion of the repair.

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We are committed to provide satisfaction to our customers by delivering safety and high quality services.

Call us today!

We are committed to provide satisfaction to our customers by delivering safety and high quality services.

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