Smash Repairs & Panel Beating

We take pride in our work and provide quality car repairs and panel beating across Sydney, from the eastern suburbs to the inner west. We believe your car should be pampered and brought back to life with the greatest care and detail, which is why our mechanics work tirelessly on each smash repair, from Porche to Audi, BMW to Mercedes Benz. Our Lane Cove location allows us access across our beautiful city so we can come to you, wherever you are within the Sydney area.

Accident Management

Accident Management

  • Quick and courteous service
  • No need to wait, like in other car repair establishments
  • No matter what vehicle you drive, from luxury cars to Japanese cars
  • Insurance cover details and the differences between private and other insurance companies are explained carefully, in detail
car bodywork and repair Sydney

Bodywork Repair

Our body repair technology and skill is of the highest quality in Sydney. On top of that, we have wide connections from all over the world to find you the right parts. We can come to you to discuss any damage on your vehicle and give you professional guidance on the best options to repair your vehicle.
Alloy wheel repair Sydney

Alloy Wheel Repair

  • We will repair your vehicle wheel quickly and to high standards even if your wheel type is specially customized
  • Wheel painting will potentially make your vehicle look in showroom condition. We use a high degree of care and we use the best quality paint colors and because of this we can also change your wheel color to customize your vehicle

Paint Protection

  • Protects your vehicle’s body by coating with the highest quality body glass coating
  • Protects against scratches caused by dust. Often scratches on cars are formed when driving the vehicle hitting dust and brake dust, glass coating will provide protection for your vehicle from those causes

Caliper Paint

You can have your brake calipers coated with a vibrant coat of glossy, long-lasting, quality paint by one of our artists. This exclusive touch to your wheels gives your car distinctive appeal and a personal touch. You can select from our range of colours to make your statement and, when you’ve had enough of one colour, bring your car back for a repaint.

Window Tinting

  • Australian ultra violet rays are about 5 times that of Japan! The ultra violet rays that cause wrinkles and blemishes will be blocked out via the windows
  • With outside heat also cut out from the outside, it increases the air conditioning efficiency and lowers the fuel consumption
  • Privacy protection, crime prevention measures, it is also effective shatterproof glass in case of emergency

Call us today!

We are committed to provide satisfaction to our customers by delivering safety and high quality services.

Call us today!

We are committed to provide satisfaction to our customers by delivering safety and high quality services.

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