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What Damage can a Pothole cause?

Damage from unwanted interactions with Potholes can cause bent wheel rims, car body damage, and damage to shocks and struts. Commonly, damage to your tires might also lead to you suffering issues with your wheel alignment or wheel balancing.

If you notice any of the following signs of tyre or vehicle damage, you should take your vehicle in for inspection immediately:

  • A tyre looks low or flat – this could be caused by a slow puncture
  • The tyre sidewall is bulging, which indicates there is internal damage to the tyre and the steel belts and nylon in the tyre have separated
  • Your vehicle pulls left or right while you are driving – indicating misalignment
  • Steering wheel vibrates while driving – a clear indication of wheel imbalance
  • Hear a strange and consistent noise from under the car while driving, which could mean that part of the car or wheel is rubbing against the suspension

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Wheel Alignment & Suspension Check for only $220!

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