Summer Driving Tips

Summer is in full swing in Australia. It’s also a season for leisure activities, so I think you’ll have more chances to use a car. That’s why there are many car troubles in summer. Any car trouble in the summer, when temperatures can get very high, can ruin your fun drive. We will introduce the trouble and maintenance points of the car which often happens in summer.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are essential for driving in the summer. You don’t use the air conditioner in other seasons? Oh, you might be in trouble that AC is out of order when you turn on the air conditioner for the first time in a long time. Today in Australia, sometimes it gets extremely hot and over 40 degrees Celsius, so it is important to notice the malfunction sign of the air conditioner and fix it as soon as possible.

The main causes of failures are air conditioner gas shortage and leakage, failure of condensers, failure of compressors, and fouling of evaporators. You can check the amount of gas by opening the hood yourself when the air conditioner runs out of gas. If the air conditioner doesn’t get cold, makes a strange noise, or smells strange, it’s a sign that professional repair is required.


The fact that air conditioners become essential also means that they consume more power, which means that there is a greater chance of battery trouble. When the engine is running, the electricity is generated and stored in the battery, but the power consumption of the air conditioner is very high. If the stored electricity is used up, the battery runs out. Especially when the battery is old, (maybe you know that an aged smartphone battery runs out easily) the storage capacity is low.

To prevent this, you can see the battery life by checking the voltage at a gas station, or you can buy a voltage meter at a car supply store. One of recommends is a cigarette lighter battery voltage meter that you can always check it. Also, if the lights are dim, the power window is slow, or the engine is hard to start, the battery life may be approaching, so check the voltage and replace the battery if necessary.

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In hot summers, the temperature of the coolant which is used to cool the engine tends to increase, raising the possibility of overheating in which the engine becomes too hot to work. If a severe overheating occurs, the engine could be scrapped, so regular maintenance and repair are essential. The point of maintenance is to check the coolant.

You can check the amount with the coolant tank in the engine room. Make sure that the tank is labelled MAX, MIN, FULL, or LOW on the side and that the coolant level is between MAX and MIN. At this time, it is easy to understand if you shake the car body. Also, if the amount of coolant has reduced, it may be leaking from somewhere, so it needs repair. Plus, engine oil also cools the engine, so we recommend to check and change engine oil regularly.


coolant flush
if the coolant is a brown colour instead of the green or orange colour, the coolant needs flushing

If regular maintenance is neglected, coolant will be browner like coffee or tea than anything.

Having trouble starting your car? Loud or unexpected noises coming from your car’s Air Conditioner? Don’t risk the safety of you and your car this summer.

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