Range Rover Sport – Common Mechanical Problems

The Range Rover Sport is a car designed to make an impact. Land Rover intentionally made its design features to signal power while maintaining the perfect balance with a cleaner and more contemporary look. Its performance is even more breathtaking once you take it on the road, with a 5.0-litre V8 Supercharged Petrol engine and 423KW output.

However, the Range Rover Sport is not immune to a few faults and shortcomings despite its impressive features. If you own this vehicle, you may experience a few common problems, but it’s nothing a reliable Land Rover service can’t fix.

As a car owner, it’s good to know what kind of hiccups might occur with your vehicle. Here are some common issues you might encounter with your Range Rover Sport:


1. Front Arm Suspension Problems

If you’re hearing a knocking sound while you’re driving your Range Rover Sport at a low speed, that could be a sign that your front arm suspension has a problem. It’s one of the most common issues with any Range Rover Sport model. 

You can double-check if this is the problem you’re dealing with by driving your vehicle back and forth while engaging the foot brake. When you apply the brakes, the knocking sound will signal that the bushes on your lower suspension arm are defective.



2. A Faulty Differential

A differential is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the transmission and wheels. If it doesn’t get the appropriate amount of lubrication, your differential could sustain some damage. 

Some signs that you’ve got a faulty differential is if you hear a whining sound while driving at a consistent speed and if the oil in its fluid has a glittery appearance. You can also have a car mechanic regularly check your oil to make sure there are no problems here.


3. Defective Air Suspensions

If you’re seeing a yellow light on your dashboard, it means your air suspension fault could lower your vehicle to normal height, preventing you from raising your Range Rover Sport. While you’re standing outside your car and looking it over, you might also notice that some corners are higher or lower than the others. 

In case you see these things, it means the burst air springs are incapable of supporting your vehicle’s weight. You need to get a car mechanic to perform a diagnostic check to determine the exact cause of this problem.


4. Parking Brake Issues

Issues with the parking brake can include hearing loud screeching noises, being unable to release the handbrake, or the locking of the rear wheels. A faulty hand brake can cause all of these things to happen. 

Without fixing the problem immediately, you run the risk of damaging your brake disks, which could become more costly down the road. You can have your mechanic check if you need to replace the brake shoe or disc to improve your Range Rover Sport’s brake system.



The Range Rover Sport is one of the premier vehicles Land Rover has to offer, but it’s not immune to a few common problems. If you’re experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, it’s best to take your vehicle in for an inspection so that you can deal with it immediately.

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