We are located in Crows Nest

Qualified Technician (Mechanic) Wanted.
VAR Crows Nest, Sydney’s leading European fleet mechanic shop in Crows Nest, are expanding and require the services of an additional fully qualified and licensed Motor technician to join our team.

Your salary will depend on your skills and experiences.

Base salary  + A (Licenses & Certificates bonus) + B (Experience bonus) + C (Diagnose skill bonus) = your salary

Licenses & Certificates bonus

  • Australian mechanic license (3 years +)
  • Pink slip license (3 years +)
  • Pink slip & Blue slip license (3 years +) 
  • Electrician license (5 years +) 
  • European dealerships diagnostic technician, senior technician, master technician awards certificates 


Experience bonus

  • Worked in European car dealership or European car specialist ( 3 years + ) 
  • Worked in European car dealership or European car specialist ( 6 years + ) 
  • Worked in European car dealership or European car specialist ( 10 years + ) 


Diagnose skill bonus

Using a scan tool to diagnose European vehicles to find out issues and requirement parts


What we are looking for:

  • A trade qualification and a minimum of 5 years’ experience as a mechanic.
  • Excellent knowledge of mechanical equipment and terminology
  • Be fit and in good health
  • Effective communication styles.
  • Work on Mon – Fri (Full time) also SAT available


Job Benefits and Perks:

  • Mainly European cars, good opportunity to upskill
  • Good salary structure (if you want overtime work and weekend work available. We will discuss your wishes at the interview)
  • Birthday Vacation (Apart from paid service it is possible to take a break on your family’s or your birthday)
  • Good team and environment (The work content is also properly assigned to roles, and it is an environment where you can work with good team members)
  • The bonus is paid every month, according to the criteria of your work evaluation, productivity etc.


Salary assessment list:

  • 3 years after Australian mechanic license acquisition
  • 3 years after obtaining Pink Slip license
  • 3 years after obtaining Blue Slip license
  • 5 years after electrician license acquisition (1-month test )
  • European car dealer approved diagnostic/ senior/master technician certificate
  • Number of years of worked at a European specialty store over 3,6 or 10 years
  • Diagnose skills (4 weeks test)

We will decide salary by looking at the above list.

We are located in Crows Nest.

It is also possible to be promoted to floor manager, sales manager, store managers etc.

As for salary, we will decide according to your experiences and skills at the interview, Also about the weekend, overtime etc. If you wanted.

📞Please apply now by contacting manager Go Nakano: 02-9955-0125


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