Ignoring Warning Lights is Risky

VAR Blog-Ignoring Warning Lights is Risky

What happens when you start a car? We believe you recognise some indicator lights flash on for a second in the dashboard every time. They should then turn off unless the indicator light applies to a current situation. But do you understand what the symbol means? Do you know what you should do if an indicator light fails to turn on or off?

OK, don’t panic. They are friends who tell you what you should do with driving from now on. And don’t ignore friend’s advise—some of which may be a fatal issue. Knowing the warning signs help you and your car lifetime. You can find whether it is a critical warning that requires immediate attention, or whether you have time to visit us.

Colours state the emergency level

You will see only three colours in the dashboard, and it’s similar to traffic signal lights. The green light indicates safe that means not necessary to inspection or repair. Red indicates a potential safety issue or dangerous so you should stop driving immediately. For example, the door ajar sign is red, because this expresses “danger”. Orange (or yellow) means attention. You don’t need to stop driving urgently, but we recommend you to check all orange lights ASAP. The following list is what you should know at least.

Orange (yellow) lights

Engine/emission warning

emission warning light

There is an engine control system. That may lead to serious trouble.

Parking brake warning (when it orange or yellow)

Parking brake warning light- Orange and yellow

There is an issue with electronic control braking system and brake fluid level. As for the possibility that brakes work immediately but lead to an accident when they leave unattended.

ABS warning

ABS warning light

ABS (anti-lock brake system) operates by preventing the tire locks when you apply the brakes suddenly. It needs to be diagnosed and fixed. Otherwise, ABS may not work at the time of emergency.

Fuel filter warning

Fuel filter warning light

The sign indicates water getting mixed in fuel filter. It needs to be diagnosed and fixed as soon as possible.

Red lights

Parking brake warning—Red

Parking brake warning—Red

If it remains lit after the parking brake is released or if it turns on and off intermittently while you’re driving, it might have a brake fluid level problem or the other serious issues. You’ll need to have the brake system inspected ASAP.

Engine oil pressure, oil level

Engine oil pressure, oil level

The engine might have lost normal oil pressure or amount of engine oil. Please stop driving immediately and turn your engine off. Check the engine oil level, refill If it’s low. If the warning sign is still lit even after refilling oil, it needs to be diagnosed.

Battery/alternator warning

Battery/alternator warning

When you see the sign, your battery may not generate electricity enough. When the battery is run out, engine will stop, and brake and steering will not operate as usual condition. Stop at a safe place ASAP, and call us.

Airbag warning

Airbag warning

It indicates a problem with your airbag system or seat belts and which means no airbags will deploy should you have an accident.

Temperature warning

Temperature warning

When the temperature of engine coolant (coolant) is high, it turns on. As overheat is possible when we leave unattended, it stops at a safe place as soon as it turned on and will inform the dealer and repair shop.

These are the minimum essential signs include the brake system, coolant temperature, engine oil level and battery/charging alerts. All of these could result in severe damage or safety issues. We’d appreciate it if you could be aware of your vehicle condition by these signs. All warning lights need to be checked by qualified technicians.

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