How Often Do Your Car Brakes Need to Be Inspected?

Modern cars are very efficient and dependable compared to cars even only ten years ago, and many cars travel greater kilometres between servicing.

While the car can function smoothly for longer periods, this implies you are driving more kilometres without inspecting continually worn components such as brakes and tyres. According to some vehicle technicians, car brake repair is one of the most common repairs in the automobile industry, and with continual stop/start city traffic, brakes must be examined regularly. The easiest method to accomplish this is to get your car checked every six months, but if you don’t, what should you look for to guarantee your brakes are in excellent working order?


Common Signs Your Car Brake Needs Repair

Squealing sound

If your brakes are noisy and make a screaming sound when you push the brake pedal, this indicates that they need to be ‘diagnosed.’ Squealing noises might indicate excessive heat or vibration between braking components. It might also indicate that low-quality brake components were used. Take your vehicle to a certified technician and get it inspected.


Grinding noise

This occurs when your brake pads are rubbing against the disks. If a grinding noise is heard, it means that your brake pads are worn and need to be replaced.


Shaking while braking

It is usual for your car to vibrate when you brake. However, if your car is shaking in the front end when you are braking, it could indicate a problem with your brakes. Vibrations often occur when the brake pads have worn out, and the disks have become warped.


Loss of Braking Power

If your brakes are losing power, it could be dangerous. Your car will apply less pressure on the brake pedal, and you may experience a longer braking distance with this happening. This issue can be caused by low brake fluid or worn out brake pads.


Soft Brake Pedal

If your brake pedal feels different than it used to, it’s time to take it to the technician. A soft braking sensation or a brake pedal that dips all the way to the floor usually signals a master cylinder problem.


Burning Smell

An intense burning odour during forceful braking or driving up a steep incline may indicate that your brakes are overheated. Smoke coming from your wheel might be caused by a clogged calliper. In any case, continuing to drive your car is dangerous. Get off the road safely and contact a tow truck and your mechanic.


Why a Regular Brake Inspection is So Crucial

Just like an oil change, you should get your brakes checked regularly. If you don’t, you could be putting your safety at risk. Brake inspection is crucial because problems can develop gradually, and you could be driving around with defective brakes for months before you even notice them.



Modern cars are reliable and have excellent road holding, which leads to longer distances between brake checks. However, no matter your driving style, it is best to inspect your brakes and have them routinely checked. The earlier a problem is found, the cheaper and easier it will be to fix it.

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