Beware of Finding the Issues with BMW 3 Series

Common issues with the BMW 3 series

Every car mechanic has both strong and weak area in finding the cause of a problem and the solution. Thankfully we are often visited by some customers who are not particularly happy with the other mechanic’s diagnosis. Indeed a second opinion is prudent because investigating the cause is difficult in some cases even for the dealers’ mechanic. BMW is one of the most received vehicles in our workshop. Our technicians proudly determined a more specific cause of the issues with recent vehicle inspections. Below, we dive into some common problems that we have had lately with BMW cars in our workshop.

Case 1: Coolant Leaks with 320i

A customer found coolant leaking with his 320i and had visited some mechanics to repair it. Inspite of the mechanics efforts (or owner’s payments) with parts replacements in several times, the leaking issue has still happened. He finally found our website and brought his 320i to our workshop.

We heard that the previous mechanics changed the coolant outlet housings that serve as the connection point between the engine and the upper radiator hose. However, our technician suspected the trouble caused by the cooling system pressure leakage through his years of experience and intuition. He knew that the cooling system pressure leakage frequently happens with 320i as a typical issue. We found pressure leakage by the cooling system pressure test, and it caused by leakages in the coolant hose and reservoir tank. We changed those parts and the radiator as well, found the pressure recovered as usual.

Case 2: Unusual Noises from Engine with 320i

A customer had already visited five workshops and was declared the engine replacement with $10, 000 costs or more from the dealers mechanic. He looked desperately for a solution and arrived V. A. R Crows nest at last for just asking for a second opinion. Our technician examined the vehicle with mileage, types and interval of the engine noise, and determined the timing chain caused the issue.
We proposed the vehicle owner to open a rocker cover in the internal combustion engine because it needs more labour cost, but he was confident with our diagnosis. The owner gladly agreed to it.

The result was, correct!
We found a broken timing chain guide that is one of the common symptoms with BMW and MINI as well. We replaced the timing chain, all timing chain guides, timing chain tensioner, and rocker cover gasket. Eventually, it resulted in all problems solved with a repair cost of $2700. (NOT as $10, 000+!)

Our technicians have years of experience and intuition with such investigations because they have long careers in the BMW. Moreover, we have been very fortunate to meet lots of BMW vehicles issues because many BMW owners had visited our workshop over the years. It is sometimes difficult to diagnose problems with your BMW. Therefore we use a specific diagnostic BMW scanner that gives us access to BMW-specific information quickly and is accurate at diagnosing issues over a wide range. Thanks to such excellence of personnel and technologies, V. A. R. Crows nest can make our customers satisfied consistently.

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